When this website first began, my idea was to investigate the ways in which different women think about beauty.  I wanted to open the discussion that could possibly educate and inform the public how beauty is displayed in our media and how that effects our views on beauty for ourselves and others around us.  Every time I tried to move forward with this idea, something got in my way.  Every time I thought about blogging about this, I thought of several ways in which people would argue with me.  Ideas would surface and I’d research them and try to move them forward, but there would always be a reason for those ideas not to work.  This got old.

I continued to use my email address (kim@beautyisinfinite.com) and people would ask me what beautyisinfinite.com is.  I had a two minute spiel and then hoped no one would go to the site and see that I hadn’t been working on it.  As I’ve gotten older, the ideas of beauty have grown into such a greater expanse of understanding that this website couldn’t possibly be about how society defines beauty.  So, in an effort to still blog and go in a different direction, I started peacejoyandpower.com.  This lasted a year, and I couldn’t get Beauty is Infinite off of my thought.  I realized Peace Joy and Power goes very well with Beauty is Infinite because all of these qualities interact with each other and manifest themselves in a variety of ways in our daily lives.

Ideas keep flowing, but the absolutely best knowledge I have gained over the last several years is this…nothing stays the same… one can’t possibly know the whole picture… change is consistent… and flexibility is key.  There isn’t a business on this planet that hasn’t evolved, changed, and unfolded new ways of doing things.  This is the artistry of life.  So, with creativity always abounding, the next step for Beauty is Infinite is to combine daily musings, inspiring messages, and funny stories to give readers an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of life in a post or a product from this site.

For those of you who were subscribers of Woman to Woman, the newsletter I created, wrote and produced so long ago, you might see a few familiar posts.  I thought I’d have a little fun and bring some of those posts back to life and up to date.

Thanks so much for joining me in this unfoldment of life!

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