The second we got home from vacation, we had a very full schedule. It was full of busy… lots of good stuff. Lots of deadlines. Lots of priorities. And, everything got done.

After the event I was planning took place, after my daughter was in four showings of a musical, after my other daughter was packed for a camping trip, and after the 96 brownies were made (check out that post here), I sat still one morning and thought, “Huh, now what?”

laying-on-couchThere are always things to do, tasks to get done, items left on the list. It is when those things left on the list are not the ones that jump out and say, “This is fun!” That is when I stop and think, “Hmmm, what is there to do today?” It’s as if I am in denial about the items left on the list. I don’t wanna do those things. I feel that obnoxious sense of procrastination that says, “Heh, those things aren’t necessary.” Have you ever felt this way?

So, on that one particular morning where I wondered where to start, the following was all that was left on the list…

person-diving-into-washerGather expenses and write an expense report
Mop the floor
Do the dishes
Clean the kitchen counters
Fold the laundry
Take back an item that didn’t work
Continue editing my book….again
Unpack the suitcases from Spring Break
Go through another box in the garage


to-do-listNot my cup of tea.

So instead… I wrote this post. 🙂

Actually, I just wrote a few notes down about writing this post and then I re-grouped. I sat down and thought about the priorities. What I really wanted to do was take a nap…or, really, truly, and honestly, get back on the plane and go back to Cabo san Lucas (check out that post here). But, life and the list awaits. Who thought up the idea about lists, anyway? 😉

So, I looked at the list and chose the item that had a deadline…the expense report. I sat down, gathered what I knew and got it done in ten minutes. Holy cow! That wasn’t bad.

Then, I chose the item that was of a little higher priority. I knew people were coming over at different times the next day so I thought it would be nice to clean the floors. Ugh. I know they won’t care if they see the animal hair and doggie foot prints everywhere, but seeing the amount of hair that came up into the vacuum cleaner from our bedrooms? Eek! It’s time to do the hardwood floors. That went pretty quickly too.

So, here’s a quick summary of what to do when there’s only the icky stuff left to do on the list.
1. Take care of the items that have a deadline first.
2. Think through your next couple days and choose which items would be best to get done to make the days go smoother.
3. If there are really icky things left on the list now, do them in spurts. I will empty the dishwasher while I’m making a cup of coffee. I’ll mop one of our living areas and then go do something else while it dries. I’ll come back and mop the next section and then go get the mail. Before long, it’s done.
4. I’ve also found that dividing and conquering helps all aspects of caring for the home. On Saturday or Sunday, I will give one job to each of the family members and then we usually do our jobs at the same time. In one hour (more like 30 minutes or less), the toilets, bedroom floors, couches, and stairs all get clean. This obviously teaches more than just cleaning. (It teaches how nice it is when a home is cared for, and it helps point out the reality that mom has other things throughout her week to get done besides cleaning.)

I will have to be honest now. I have not finished everything on the icky list above. I think I will always have editing to do on my book. I’m on my sixth edit and it would seem, that any kind of writing can always be edited over and over and over again. I haven’t taken back the item to the store. I really don’t like doing that, but it will get done. And, I didn’t unpack a box from the garage. That is an pool-waterfalloverwhelming mess ready to be written about in another post. 🙂 LOL

So, on this Friday, I hope you get at least one thing done on your icky list. I hope you reward yourself with whatever it is that makes you smile. And, I hope you have a fabulously, beautiful day!!!


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