Logos.  Logos are everywhere.  We recognize products because of their look, their logo, and their tag lines.

I have created many logos in the past. One of my favorites was for a real estate appraisal company. The design integrated the rooftop of a house with the company’s name.

Beauty is Infinite has been different. I have created so many logos for Beauty is Infinite, but have never been able to decide on a design. I have sketched out so many circles, waves, and lines – none of which made it to logo status. They fit with my interests or the mission of Beauty is Infinite, but none of them fit into the current market place and its simplicity. It would seem that when a business, a mission, or a plan is so close to you, it can be difficult to fully embrace what is needed in a logo. A little bit of distance can be helpful.

I was thrilled when Mackenzie came home from school and told me about the project she would be working on in class. She needed to design a logo and then place it on different items that would be used for business. She asked if she could create a logo for Beauty is Infinite. She knew I had been on the fence for years as she had seen all the sketches. And, since my daughter is an awesome artist, I immediately said yes.

Mackenzie did a fabulous job and took requests from me very professionally. I know I’m really biased as her mother, but also as her mother, I thought my requests might get some pushback. Not so. She listened and respected my requests. (My baby is growing up! Aaahhh!)

With my marketing background, there were some definite aspects to the design that I wanted – simplicity, lines that resembled care, a picture that represented love. Mackenzie hit it on the nose.

It was a really fun process where she would sketch designs, bring them to me, I’d point out what I’d like or not like, and she’d do it all over again. We got to the final sketch and we stared at it making tweaks to ensure the logo represented Beauty is Infinite’s intent. We hope you like it as much as we do.

So, without further ado….

Beauty is Infinite’s new logo…




Didn’t Mackenzie do a great job? I love it so much. I hope you do, too.

Now, the work now begins. Ha! A blogger’s work is never done. But now, you will start to see this beautiful and wise woman show up in many different places. Do you know who she is?

She’s you! You’re so beautiful! And wise! And caring! And you embrace all those around you!

Much love to you all. And, thank you Mackenzie!

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