Do you ever have plans to accomplish a variety of things and then a week goes by and those things don’t happen? My plan was to write a glorious post for Mother’s Day. I always have plans to create pretty backgrounds with quotes. But, alas, sometimes other things must come first. I hope you all had a beautiful, restful, and happy Mother’s Day.

TrafficLast week, I was able to spend time with my Dad in Los Angeles. We got so much accomplished. He was needing a little love and care, and I was happy to give it to him. If you have relatives or friends who live in another state, and sometimes need some help, you understand how hard it is to be miles away. I was glad I could spend the week with my Dad and set up some helpful routines and plans for us all.

This week has been getting back into the routine of animal, hubby, home and child caring. As much as I love our new puppy, the guy just gets in the way. Check out the pictures. He likes to lie down in the middle of the kitchen floor while I’m cooking. He stretches out so I have to step in between him and the cabinets to get to ingredients, the refrigerator, or the oven. The other night, I was wondering why I Comet in the middlehave the patience for this. The only response I got from my ridiculous thought process was, “He’s so cute!”   Ugh.   So, on I step… over and through. The other picture you see is of Comet lying right in front of the sink. I couldn’t wash dishes because he was right where I needed to stand. One might think that’s great – an excuse not to do dishes – but I just wanted to get the duty done. Did I move him? No. How Comet at sinksilly is that?! Instead, I went and got my phone to take a picture. He eventually moved… because I was getting some food out of the cabinet. He is always at my feet.

Yesterday was funny because as I was lifting a piece of honey-ridden toast into my mouth, a piece of the toast fell down to the ground. Well, technically, it fell onto Comet’s back since he was lying at my feet. He enjoyed eating it, and I quietly hoped his fur wouldn’t be too sticky for too long.

Sometimes the daily duties and mundane routines are filled with ridiculousness. At the core of it is love, though, don’t you think?


Thank you for reading this post. I realize it doesn’t have the greatest content. But, I thought you might have fun seeing the kind of silliness that happens in my life – sitting in traffic on a 10-12 lane freeway, stepping over dogs, and seeing how sarcastic and silly a writer I can be in a short blog post.

Happy Wednesday! Have a fabulous rest of the week!


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