RefreshingHoly Moly, is anyone else in shock that it’s Summer? My daughters and I were talking today and saying how we feel as though we are on Spring Break and school will begin next week. We still can’t believe it’s Summer. Even the fact that we are on a road trip visiting family and friends hasn’t convinced us that school is not going to start soon.

The last few months have flown by. If there is a busier time than December, or a close-second busiest time of the year, it is May. Between kids’ trips, final presentations, paperwork for next year, birthdays, Mother’s Day, graduations, and the usual every day stuff, April and May are a blur.

PackingIn past years, I have felt more prepared. I would realize Summer was around the corner and start thinking through ideas and plans for my daughters during their time of free play. This year, we were busy preparing one child for a camping trip, one child for a New York City trip, both children for final presentations, and packing us all for a three week trip. I didn’t think at all about preparing for the Summer.

So, now that it’s here, the following are a few statements that have come out of my mouth….

“Oh, you want to eat?”

“You’re bored?!”

“We need to get you some shorts!”

“You’ve already grown out of your bathing suit?! Didn’t that fit you during Spring Break?!”

I feel a bit ridiculous as a mother, but gosh darnit (how do you spell darnet?), I’ve had a lot on my mind. And, I know I’m not alone. We women think a lot about our dear relatives, our special spouses, our precious children, our sweet friends, our homes, our jobs, our churches, and oh so much more. So when it comes to having food in the kitchen, activities to knock boredom out of the park, and perfectly fitting clothing, well…. we can’t always have everything within arm’s reach for whoever needs it when they need it. That’s a lot to ask anyone to do and be perfect at. Am I right? Yell, “Yes, ma’am!” if you agree. Thank you.

So, with love, I say….

“Eat whatever you can find in the kitchen.”

“I have plenty of jobs you can do around the house, if you’re bored. Let’s start with wiping down the kitchen counters.”

“Maybe they’ll have some cute clothes at Target next time we go.”

How’s that for transitioning into Summer? 🙂 I look forward to bursting out of the denial bubble of having my children home for three months and seeing how in the world anything will get done. I hope you will join me in thinking, “Let’s relax and enjoy each other. Let’s relish in the days we don’t need to drive hours to and from school by a certain time. And… let’s play!!”

Happy Summer!
It's Summer

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