Here, you will find a list of websites, companies, and products whose mission is also to spread joy. If you ever have an opportunity to say where you heard about them, please mention = If I had a retail store, I would sell their magnets, stickers, and whatever else they wanted me to sell. So cool! #yaylife = Beautiful, stylish, and inspiring bracelets where 25% of their net profits go to good causes. Love these! #goodworks

Life is Good = I have been purchasing their t-shirts for years. Such fun sayings. #lifeisgood

Natural Life = These guys have great sayings, too – on plaques, stickers, magnets, accessories, etc. They also have a fun 70’s vibe to their brand. #naturallifehappy


Check back frequently. More will be added as we roll along.



Believe it or not, I do not get any payment or incentive for publicizing these companies.